Staff & Trustees


Linda C.W. Gardener, Director
Diane R. Wall, Assistant Director/Head of Technical Services
Christine A. Morrissey, Office Coordinator
Kathryn H. Walton, Head of Children’s Services
Muhl Heller-Wallace, Teen Services & Circulation Librarian
Erin S. Lewis, Adult Services & Circulation Librarian
Jill M. Connolly, Reference & Technology Librarian
Shelley L. O’Brien, Reference & Local History Librarian
Andrea P. D’Innocenzo, Acquisitions Assistant
Renee E. Cogan, Senior Library Assistant
Beth T. Fantozzi, Library Assistant
Noreen M. McKenna, Library Assistant
Virginia A. Rowe, Library Assistant


Edward W. Waystack, Chair
Kristin J. Foote, Vice Chair
Carol B. Hoffman, Treasurer
Nancy F. Kukura
Mark S. Robinson
Cathryn M. Mercier