Attracting Birds, Butterflies, Bees & Other Beneficials

Attracting Birds, Butterflies, Bees & Other Beneficials
Wednesday, June 23, 2021
7:00—8:30 PM
Virtual Program

Join Naturalist and landscaper John Root and learn how to create a nature sanctuary in your backyard to attract birds, butterflies, bees and other beneficials by meeting their needs of for food, cover, and water.  A variety of plants that nourish these organisms throughout their lifecycles will be discussed, and organic methods for creating and maintaining a wildlife habitat will also be presented.  Handouts will be downloadable, and comments and questions will be welcome at the conclusion of the program.

Starting May 26, sign up to reserve your spot!

This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Reading Public Library and is offered in collaboration with the Lynnfield, Melrose, and Wakefield public libraries.