The Tombstone Tourist

Scott Stanton, The Tombstone Tourist
Wednesday, July 18, 2018 – Meeting Room
7:00 – 8:00 PM

Scott Stanton is an avid traveler, writer, and, as he puts it, “a really mediocre guitarist.”

Scott Stanton kneels behind the gravestone of Frank Sinatra.

Scott Stanton visiting Frank Sinatra’s final resting place. Image courtesy of Scott Stanton.

His latest book, The Tombstone Tourist—Musicians, chronicles the final resting places, shrines, homes, and memorabilia of over 500 dearly departed musical artists throughout the world. Raised in the musically rich environs of Southern California during the sixties, Stanton spent nearly a decade working in recording studios and the “soulless bar circuit” before, in his words, “It became apparent to all that my talents lie somewhere outside the music industry.” After twenty years spent on the road in search of all things musical, his articles and photographs have been featured in dozens of diverse outlets such as Guitar World, Revolver, ABC News Online, and VH1’s Behind the Music. Today he lives on the North Shore of Massachusetts and works as a financial administrator for Salem State University.

Scott will take you on an adventure without leaving your seat to learn more about the fascinating resting places of various musicians!

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