Becoming Melrose: The Heritage of the City of Houses Series

Becoming Melrose: The Heritage of the City of Houses Series

The city of Melrose is a hidden gem within Metropolitan Boston.  Through this series, architectural Historian Ryan D. Hayward and Social Historian Dee Morris will bring the past to life by exploring many facets of how this place came to be through the lens of the Melrose Highlands.  Through evening talks, workshops and a walking tour, history will be presented in a new and refreshing manner.

All programs within the series are free and geared toward those with an interest in local history, art, architecture and culture.

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Scenery Unsurpassed: A Glimpse of Highland History
Wednesday, August 16 – 7-9 PM – Meeting Room
With its stately homes high upon upland terrain, the Melrose Highlands were once called little Scotland for the similar landscape across the Atlantic. This and other interesting tidbits of information will be shared in this colorful evening lecture at the Melrose Public Library. Architectural Historian Ryan D. Hayward will discuss many of the former residents that built the neighborhood we call home.  Sign up HERE to reserve your seat for this specific program!


Becoming Melrose: The Heritage of the City of Houses – this series is supported in part by the Melrose Public Library, Friends of the Melrose Public Library and by a grant from the Melrose Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.