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Peep Literary Diorama Exhibition 2018

Peep Literary Diorama Exhibit 2018

Choose your favorite book or literary character and then create a diorama inside a shoe box where marshmallow Peeps portray the characters in a book!


  • Each diorama must be based on a book or literary theme.
  • All characters must be portrayed by Peeps
  • Make the diorama using a standard shoebox sized box.
  • Exhibition open to all ages.
  • Please limit the use of food items (other than Peeps) in your diorama.
  • Limited to one entry per person.
  • All entries must be submitted with a Peep Literary Diorama Exhibit Entry Form.
  • All entries must be in good taste – Melrose Public Library reserves the right to omit any entries it feels are not appropriate for public viewing.

Three categories: Children (preK – 5th grade), Teens (6th-12th grade), and Adults.

Important Dates

  • April 2-4: Drop off your completed diorama and entry form to the Library during regular library hours.
  • April 5-13: Come in and view the Peeps!
  • April 14-18 Peep diorama pick up.

Diversity Book List

Diversity Book List

Children love reading books that reflect families and people similar to theirs as well as learning about people and families who are different.

Click here for the book list that was created in collaboration with the Melrose Public Schools, the Roosevelt School Parent Teacher Organization, and the Melrose Public Library for children grades K-5, their families, and teachers.

Dr. Margaret Adams, Assistant Superintendent, Melrose Public Schools
Andrea Razi-Thomas, Arlington High School Social Worker/Roosevelt PTO parent
Marianne Stanton, Melrose Public Library

ScienceFlix is here!

We’re pleased to inform Melrose residents we’ve subscribed to a great online science resource that you and your family can access from home!  ScienceFlix™ is an online resource that focuses on engaging subject-area science content for students spanning grades 4-9. Each of the ScienceFlix units will help hone literacy skills while bolstering understanding of crucial subjects relating to science, technology, and engineering. ScienceFlix units are further supported with a deep and dynamic reservoir of related multimedia including videos, interactive media, images, and more.

Students can access ScienceFlix anywhere there is an Internet connection –it’s like having access to the library’s collection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  ScienceFlix covers 30 areas of scientific study and each unit offers:


  • Videos to build background knowledge and introduce vocabulary
  • Anchor articles to build content knowledge
  • Articles written at three reading levels to ensure comprehension
  • A read aloud feature to support struggling readers and ELL students
  • News stories with study guides
  • Careers section to inspire budding scientists
  • Editorially vetted and safe weblinks for further learning


Access ScienceFlix by logging in with your library card number here!

We would like to thank to the Trustees of the Melrose Public Library for generously sponsoring this database as part our Science is Everywhere program this year!